Mold and mildew can cause health problems and damage your property. When mold, bacteria or odors associated with mold affect your indoor air quality, you must take action to protect the health of those in your environment, and to protect the value of your property.

Complete Mold Remediators handles your mold remediation problems quickly and efficiently. With the latest in environmentally-safe methods and products, we can begin restoring your quality of life immediately.

Mold remediation is an important step in abating health issues such as allergies and illnesses, as well as preventing damage to your home or business. We will inspect all areas of mold, mildew and bacteria concern and determine the best option for remediation.

Our mold remediation services include:

Mold Inspection in residential and commercial buildings
Mold Remediation and Decontamination to seal off the area and prevent spread of spores, plus clean the area thoroughly with appropriate cleaners
Mold Damage Cleanup and Repair
Mold Air and Surface Testing
Disposal of Contaminated Materials
Air Purification including odor removal and dehumidification
Disaster Recovery
Insurance Estimates & Billing

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