Mold Inspections Can Prevent Further Damage

Mold Inspections Can Prevent Further Damage

Put your mind at ease by scheduling an inspection in Homestead, FL and the entire South Florida Area

Mold growth can negatively impact your indoor air quality. Check your home or business for mold with an inspection from Complete Mold Remediators, Inc. Our team in Homestead, Florida will inspect your building and check for mold throughout the space. If we find any traces of mold, we'll remove them as quickly as possible.

We have 15 years of experience in mold assessments and mold remediation. Our inspections include the following services

  • Consulting
  • Mold identification
  • Mold testing
  • Air quality testing
  • Detailed reporting
  • Preparation of mold remediation protocols
  • Mold clearance testing
  • Infrared imagin
  • Moisture mapping
  • Visual inspection
  • In wall testing
  • AC and duct inspections
We also test for all types of allergens, fiberglass, mold, bacteria, etc. Set up a mold inspection appointment today.

What's included in an inspection?

Mold inspections from Complete Mold Remediators are comprehensive. We'll check every part of your home, including the most susceptible places, for any mold growth. Our goal is to improve your indoor air quality and protect your family from the harmful effects of mold. To do this, we use...

  • Infrared imaging and studies.
  • Moisture mapping technology and meters.
  • Visual and intrusive inspections.

Schedule a mold inspection appointment today by calling 305-903-8885. We offer mold inspections throughout Homestead, FL and the entire South Florida Area.